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What is Shrooms?

Explore this survival game in which you adapt to the world around you. 
Mutate and evolve your body to suit your gameplay style by combining the tons of mutations that can be acquired from all kinds of sources in the strange world of Shrooms! Join your friends to build your outpost and create the tools of your survival. 

Fight for your survival in a exotic world full of dangers...and mushrooms! 
Craft tools, weapons and gear to hunt, keep your body temperature in check and build a much needed home in order to survive in this strange land.


  • Survival Multiplayer experience in a world that changes YOU.
  • Gain mutations that will give you both strengths and weaknesses, changing your gameplay.
  • Hunt, gather and cook your food but careful not to become the dessert.
  • Overcome the cold winds and heat waves while fending off animals and other survivors.
  • Craft the tools for your survival with a system where your skills matters (Yours, not the character!).

Some of the Features for the Future

  • Knowledge Crafting System : A progression based crafting system that will allow you to specialize in your favorite crafting areas.
  • TRUE Cooperative crafting : Help your friends craft difficult gear by holding down that blazing sword blade while he hammers the metal.
  • A dynamic Building system that will allow you to build from a small shack to a huge stronghold.
  • Hidden PVE Bosses that will need a coordinated group of survivors to take down. Yes, Raids.


Early Access Launch Trailer

  • Frexie Frex

    Nice! :)

  • Bruno Claudio

    I really loved this game when i played On Fil in Lisbon was really amazing i was vs a friend of mine you buy this game 10/10

  • Nuno Ascenso

    Olá, eu comprei o jogo mas não foi na steam, foi na comic con e agora eu tenho o código mas não sei como é que posso meter o jogo na steam, se alguém me poder ajudar eu agradecia !