Early Access launch Patch – 08/05/2015

It’s finally time to open the floodgates and let Shrooms grow!
Up until now the world was feeling a bit “empty” so we finally managed to add some places for you to discover! We also reworked our Panther and made a LOT of tuning on everything possible, so check down below for a list of what we added/changed/fixed this week!

New Features:

Decoration -> Rocks – Yes, something as simple as rocks. We felt that the world was feeling a “bit” empty so we decided to quickly add some rocks (Some of them are still missing a Diffuse texture, but we will try to add them next week!).
Why are rocks so important? Because we can make interesting places in the world for you to fight over and explore!


New places to explore – We’ve added a couple of places in the world for you to discover. Those places can be a cool place to make your stand against your enemies or survive the searing heat of the desert *hint*hint* among other things! If you manage to find them all take a picture and share it on the community hub for everyone to see! Also, if you have an idea of a place you think would look awesome in Shrooms, tell us!


Panther ReWork – We’re constantly upgrading our visuals during the development so our feline friend was starting to feel a bit left out! New model, textures and animations have been done for the Panther.



Stamina consumption – A lot of actions that we’re not affecting stamina are now fixed. From jumping to shooting a bow, you now need to watch out for you stamina, you don’t wanna be out of breath if a panther comes by!

Swimming – Swimming just got a whole lot deadlier. Make sure you’re not tired if you go for a swim because it now drains your stamina and if get exhausted while on water you’ll start sinking. To get your stamina back just stay still for a couple of seconds. When your stamina starts coming back you’ll start ascending!

Mutations – All mutations have had their ability cooldowns, stamina costs and damage values all tuned so combat should feel more natural. Of course we’re still far from the feeling we want with the combat so don’t hesitate on giving us your input!

Hitboxes – We’ve enlarged all the hitboxes for most abilities and attacks it should be easier to hit something that’s moving. Hitting a running Pantu is still something of a challenge. *Evil grin*

Crafting – All material costs have been changed to non-testing values so you no longer can make a campfire with just a stone and a stick! These are also bound to change when we continue implementing the crafting system.

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