June/ July DevLog

Hey there! We’ve been buried in a ton of Development Queues and Bug squashing and are coming up short in the community outside of Steam! So here’s our June/July – Dev Log!

Early Access launch Patch – 08/05/2015

It’s finally time to open the floodgates and let Shrooms grow! Up until now the world was feeling a bit “empty” so we finally managed to add some places for you to discover! We also reworked our Panther and made a LOT of tuning on everything possible, so check down below for a list of […]


New Patch – 01/05/2015

This is the first official update we’re doing since we’ve launched the store page so we wanted to do something shinny! Literally. New features Glowing fungi now actually emit light instead of just glowing! Yes, even the ones growing in the animals. Because the night is dark and full of panthers, you now have movable […]


We are at GreenLight

Last week was really a race against time, with getting all the pieces of code shoved into the test build and making sure we got all the possible features running without blowing up anything, getting marketing stuff in order, like screenshots, trailers, press-kit stuff and all kinds of small pieces of art to fill banners, […]


New year, new update!

Hey Guys, Hope you had a good holiday! We come bearing gifts! A new version of the prototype with a few kinks fixed and added a BOW and ARROW! But the most importantly we Updated our Game Engine which means a lot of things are already better than before Lights and Shadows, Physics, etc And […]


Comic Con RECAP

Comic Con Portugal has come and gone leaving behind great memories, new friendships, and valuable feedback. Never have 3 days been packed with so many awesome people and interactions! We’re really grateful that people took time from their Comic Con experience to play our games. It’s really rewarding to connect with our audience at a […]