April’s Update – Shrooms is coming to Steam Early Access on May 8th!

We’ve been living under a rock this last month but we’re finally lifting that rock to celebrate! We’re proud to announce that Shrooms is officially starting it’s Early Access Phase on Steam May 8th!
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Below are some of the things we’ve been working to get into the first Steam version!

  • We got 3 new combat oriented mutations sets.
  • All the Stats bar working with Temperatures and the “High” bar
  • Visual reworks in a ton of our old assets
  • We have been working with some Steam tools and Players can now do their own servers


New Mutations:


There’s all kinds of dangers lurking around in Shrooms so if you’re looking for a way to protect your friends or simply want to be a walking wall of hurt and pain, you got to try the Tank mutation set. Taunt threats away from your friends, take punishment like a champ with your hardened breastplate or just bully your targets around with heavy hands and sturdy legs.

AmbusherMutation TurnTables

Are stealth and precision more up your alley? Don’t worry because the night in Shrooms is dark and full of Ambushers! This set will allow you to blend with your surroundings, to stalk your prey from the shadows, and then jumping them with your arm-blade or leaping out of danger and sneaking away while your enemies wobble around flashed.

RangerMutation TurnTables

Why get yourself near dangerous things when you can just rip them apart with shurikens or bombard them with acid right? Right! With the Ranger mutations you’ll be able to swiftly move around while nuking your enemies from afar and see them driven before you!



We want to introduce you to the stats in Shrooms.
In order to give the best survival experience in an action online game we have several conditions you’ll have to monitor in order for your character to survive.

We have a mix of action game with Health Points and Stamina and biological needs like Hunger, Temperature, and High.
Here is a description of what they are and how they work.



Represents your Health points. If it reaches zero you Die!



Represents how satiated you are, if this bar reaches zero you’ll start to lose health



Represents your body temperature and if this bar reaches minimum or maximum values you will start to lose health



Represents the amount of chemical agents in your body, if this bar is full you’ll be given a penalty



This bar only appears when not at maximum, you will spend stamina when doing physically demanding actions such as sprinting, attacking or using mutation abilities.



This bar only appears when not at maximum. It represents your remaining oxygen while swimming underwater. If it reaches zero you will start to lose health


Visual re-works:

We have been working on some visual updates of some older assets! Most of the interactable items in the map were improved with better models and textures.

This is something that we plan to do with to all the items so there are more in tune with the style we are aiming for Shrooms.

You can check our indieDB page with more details on this Here and Here .


Multiplayer is up and running, we are inviting some of our early adopters to create their own servers and join us testing this new version of the game.
Creating new experiences and interactions with our new mutations.
We’re invested in improving the overall experience of Shrooms and for that we need your feedback, hopes, dreams and of course all the critiques.
So do follow us in our social networks and leave a comment or send us a message. We will try to respond as soon as humanly possible!

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