New Patch – 01/05/2015

This is the first official update we’re doing since we’ve launched the store page so we wanted to do something shinny!

New features

Glowing fungi now actually emit light instead of just glowing! Yes, even the ones growing in the animals.

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Because the night is dark and full of panthers, you now have movable light sources. You can craft a torch or carry glowing mushies to illuminate your path.

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Action Bar! Because we hate opening the inventory each time we want to eat from our huge stack of tasty mushrooms as much as you do, we’ve “convinced” our programmers to push a action bar into the game.
Warning: There are a couple of known bugs, so use with care!

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  • Harvesting from trees, nodes and animals should now correctly play they’re respective animations.
  • You should now receive the correct item quality when harvesting/picking up something, and now just epic quality items. (Sorry!)
  • The Berserker head mutation is available again. You can get it by eating meat.
  • An item resulting from crafting should now display it’s quality correctly.
  • The thorns effect from the Berserker chest mutation should now correctly damage panthers.
  • The Charge attack from the Tank legs mutation is now charged up by holding SPACE while crouching. Charging up will drain stamina accordingly.
  • The Charge should now work properly and not throw the user into outer space if it caught a ramp in it’s path.
  • Gliding using the Creeper chest mutation now drains stamina.
  • Mutations that require activation have had they’re Trip values adjusted. This should result in filling the Trip bar much faster if you spam your mutations.
  • You can now protect your server with a password.

This was it for this update folks but stay tuned because the Early Access is finally going live next week! Oh and videos from youtubers and streamers are starting to appear on the community hub so be sure to drop by and check out how they’re playing the first versions of Shrooms!

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