Explore this survival game in which you adapt to the world around you.
Mutate and evolve to meet different challenges of each environment in the rich and colorful biomes of Shrooms.
Join your friends to build your outpost and create the tools of your survival.

The game is still in early development and it needs your feedback, please subscribe and keep updated to our development process. Alternatively visit our devlog and our forum.


gain advantages for a biome
but be aware of the disadvantages for the others


A savanna adapted mutation that grants you speed and strength at the cost of your crafting abilities.


everything is trying to change you...
or eat you


Native of the glowing tropical forest, known by its stealth tatics, it may pose a big threat but you might gain some of its abilities.


create tools and structures
in a system where your skill and the help of your friends matter


Two rocks and a twig give you the quintessential tool for the beginner survivalist.


PvP, PvE, Co-Op
choose your destiny

Friend or Foe?